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2024 information will be posted closer to event dates

The Des Moines Holiday Boutique does not print or mail the Vendor Kit.  All information can be found in the Vendor Kit and the links below.



Helpful Tips & Links

Vendor Checklist - Click Here  

Importnant Vendor Do's & Don'ts - Click Here 

Booth FAQ Sheet - Click Here

Please note that this page is always being updated as new information becomes available. 

Additional Questions?
Contact Kelsey Jackson, Operations Manager

816.601.2701 |

----- NEW Political Merchandise Policy for 2024 -----
As we enter a highly volatile political environment in advance of the 2024 General Election, Marketplace Events (MPE) wants to make clear its position on what content will not be permitted on its exhibit floors in all its US consumer home and holiday shows effective January 1, 2024. MPE shows are welcoming environments built solely to encourage face-to-face commerce. Creating respectful, safe marketplaces where our attendees and exhibitors can come together to learn, shop, compare pricing and do business together is our highest priority.

MPE’s acceptability standards do not permit political candidates, parties or other groups promoting issues or ballot initiatives to participate as exhibitors. In addition, the display or sale of any products or services that are political/partisan in nature or that can be interpreted to promote, incite, or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance are prohibited. MPE’s judgment in applying these standards will be final.

MPE maintains these policies to ensure a welcoming environment for all attendees and exhibitors.



The Des Moines Holiday Boutique is produced and managed by: 
Marketplace Events LLC
2000 Auburn Dr., Ste 200 
Beachwood, OH 44122 
484.854.9084 |

During move-in, show hours and move-out, Show Management will maintain a show office. The office is located on the northeast side of Hy-Vee Hall, immediately north of the main entrance. Look for the show office signs.

Friday, November 15th, 2024 10:00am – 9:00pm 
Saturday, November 16th, 2024 9:00am – 7:00pm 
Sunday, November 17th, 2024 10:00am – 5:00pm

Security is provided during the show. The guards will be on duty 24 hours each day during the show. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect Vendors’ property, but Show Management assumes no responsibility for any losses due to fire, theft, robbery, damage, accident, or other causes.   
Please take the following suggestions under advisement: 
➢ Do not leave your booth unattended during set-up, show, or move-out

➢ Do not leave small items, electronics, one-of-a-kind special samples, prototypes, generated leads, or extremely valuable merchandise in your booth overnight.

Full and final payment for exhibit space must be made by Tuesday, October 15th, 2024 . Show Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any Vendor whose account has not been settled and paid in full. 

If you have signed and authorized Marketplace Events to automatically charge your card on your original contract, please make sure funds are available in the proper time frame. If you have any questions regarding payment processes, please contact Kelsey Jackson at or 816.601.2701. Any contracts that are outstanding after the show cycle is completed will automatically be sent to collections and the Vendor will still be responsible to pay off the booth space and will not be allowed to exhibit in any future shows with Marketplace Events. 


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Watch the webinar here: COMING SOON

Your show team takes you through important show information to help you have the best show possible.


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It is required for all vendors to incorporate holiday decor in your booth.



Click here to view examples of holiday decor 


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On November 15th from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Holiday Boutique turns a unique shopping experience into a party with a special Girls Night Out on Friday - complete with music, entertainment and fabulous door prizes!

You can reach shoppers and gain more exposure at the show by providing a gift certificate from your business. 

Further information will be posted closer to the show dates.

Deadline Coming Soon.


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Want additional exposure as an Artisan? 

Our Artisan designation only cost $60, and you get the following benefits.

  • 12”x12” floor decal on the aisle in front of your booth
  • Listed as an Artisan on our feature page of the website under “Artisan Vendors” with your logo and booth number.
  • Potential for onsite PR (no guaranteed) if requested by media. 

Ask your Exhibit Sales Consultant about this designation.

Artisan Vendor application deadline coming Soon.


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FridayNovember 15th10:00 am - 9:00 pm
SaturdayNovember 16th9:00 am - 7:00 pm
SundayNovember 17th10:00 am - 5:00 pm


There have been a number of spam emails offering our attendee lists. These are scams and the senders are unauthorized to use the Marketplace Events’ name. These scammers are attempting to receive monies from exhibiting companies without providing anything in return. These emails are not approved by Marketplace Events, and Marketplace Events would never ask for bank information or other sensitive information over email.  

CLICK HERE for more information.


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Move-In Schedule

Each vendor will be assigned a specific date and time to set up their booth. These assignments will be communicated via color-coded map posted below 30 days prior to move-in.  Driving into the building, if feasible, is only allowed during your assigned date and time. Hand carry or pushcart move-in is allowed any time during and/or after assigned time.

If a vendor will be using a vehicle as part of their booth space, vehicles Keys MUST be given to Show Management once parked in booth. 

Click Here to view move-in map - Coming Soon

Click here to view move-in rules & procedures 


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Dismantling of displays is not permitted until 5:01 pm on Sunday, November 17th.

General Move-Out Hours:

Sunday, November 17th: 5:01 pm - 10:00 pm

Click here to view move-out rules 


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Parking is available north of the Iowa Events Center for a fee, with entrances off the following streets:
3rd Street
5th Avenue
Crocker Street

The Iowa Events Center surface parking lots offer the closest and most convenient access to the facility. ADA Accessible parking is available at the Iowa Events Center by entering the lot south of Crocker Street, next to Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center. Debit, Credit Cards, and Cash are all accepted for payment.

City parking garages are located throughout downtown with convenient skywalk access to the Iowa Events Center. Street parking is available throughout downtown with the convenience of parking meters.

Vehicles may unload their product, equipment, etc. at the building, but quickly move to these designated areas after unloading. Throughout the scheduled event, if trucks need to restock, opportunities for unloading will be accommodated.

Vendors are able to park their trailers in the far North parking lot located off of 5th street. *Based on availability 

Click here to view the parking map.



Vendors are able to park their trailers in the far North parking lot based on availability. We encourage the trailers to park in the Northernmost part of this lot to allow flexibility when leaving the lot. It is $12/stall per day that they are parked. For example, if you have a trailer that takes up 2 spaces and is parked for 4 days, it would be $24/day for 4 days for a total of $96.00. There is no upcharge for parking overnight. Vehicles will receive a hangtag to put in their rearview mirror during the event. In the instance that the parking department is not staffed when they park, vendors can park but will need to arrange payment for parking the next day when they arrive.


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Vendor badges are NOT mailed out prior to the show. Badges can be picked up at Vendor Registration (located behind
the box office) during move-in and during show hours. Complimentary plastic badge holders are provided. Vendor
badges are required to identify you as an authorized Vendor. Vendors will not be allowed access to the show floor

during show days without a badge.

Each company will be provided an allotment of 5 badges.

Badges can be picked up at the show office during move-in or at Will Call near the main show entrance.


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Show Decorator | Gilbert Exposition Management Services

Vendors are responsible for flooring (required for all booths.) You may supply your own tables and chairs or rent from the show decorator. An advanced purchase discount is offered & will ensure availability of all needed items.

As an vendor, you will automatically receive an introduction email from GEMS with a Username and Temporary Password.

After you’ve logged on you will be able to order services.  Should you have any questions or need to have the introduction e-mail resent, please contact GEMS by phone at 214.388.5722 Ext 1 or e-mail

Order Online

Discount deadline is Thursday, October 24th, 2024.

Click here to view flooring FAQ sheet.  

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Show Management reserves the right to refuse entry or to have removed at the vendor’s expense, any display that is not in accordance with these rules and regulations. If any doubt exists, the vendor must provide details and have such exhibits approved by show management. Management may require vendors to make such alterations to their displays as it deems 

necessary to the proper conduct of the exhibition and, or failure to comply, may order the immediate removal of the entire exhibit without compensation and at the vendor’s expense. 

Exhibits must be designed and constructed so they do not obstruct the general view of the show or detractfrom other exhibits. Allsides and surfaces, front and back of exhibits which are exposed to view must be properly finished and decorated by exhibitor at their own expense and to the satisfaction of neighboring vendors and Show Management. No advertising is allowed on the reverse of an exhibit without prior approval by show management.

Certain areas within the facility have ceiling height restrictions. Absolutely no tents of any kind are allowed without show management prior consent. No exhibits will be permitted which interfere with the use of other exhibits orimpede access to the free use of the aisle.

No spraying of scented fluids is allowed during the show. All inventory and personal items must be stored COMPLETELY OUT OF SIGHT. Your booth should look professional and inviting to the attendee. Holiday décor is welcome and makes your booth 
more appealing to consumers! Vendors must make arrangementsto dispose of any shipping crates or other rubbish created 

through the building or dismantling of their individual display.



EXCEPTIONS. Flooring is NOT included in the cost of your booth. Any carpet extending into the 

common aisle is subject to being cut and removed.

Click here to view floor covering FAQ sheet



from the edge ofthe table to the floor on all foursides. Allskirting must be pressed and neat. Use 
of plastic tablecloths, sheets, shower curtains or any type of makeshift tablecloths is NOT 
permitted. We strictly enforce this and will skirt all incorrectly skirted tables at the exhibitor’s 







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Rules & Regulations

Alcohol Policy
  • In compliance with Iowa State Law, all alcoholic beveragesmust be supplied and served by OVG Hospitality, our exclusive in-house caterer.
  •  No alcoholic samples may be distributed unless purchased and distributed by OVG Hospitality staff members.
  •  OVGHospitality reservesthe rightto refuse service to intoxicated persons.
  •  In accordance with state regulations, we reserve the right to request state issued photo ID of any person to verity their age and to refuse service to those underage or failing to produce a photo ID.
  • There is a two per photo ID maximum per transaction.
  •  Alcoholic beveragesmay not be removed from the IEC.
  •  Animals/pets are not permitted in the IEC without prior approval of Show Management and IEC.Including move in/move out exceptin conjunction with an exhibit, display or performance.
  • The vendor is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits.
  • Guide,signal orservice dogs(as defined by law) are allowed in IEC. Allsanitary needs for the animal are the sole responsibility of the vendor.
ANY TYPE of balloon in the IEC is NOT ALLOWED. If helium balloons become detached from a 
display, the labor cost to retrieve the balloons will be charged to the vendor.


Display Vehicles
  • Vehicles MUST be approved by Show Management.
  •  Any vehicle utilizing flammable fuels, which are placed on display inside the IEC shall have not more than 1/5 tank or five (5) gallons of fuel in the tank.
  • All fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed and atleast one battery cable shall be disconnected from the ignition system

Floor, wall and ceiling drilling are prohibited.

Portable Unvented Heaters
  •  Operating portable, fuel fired heatersfor display during tradesshows are not allowed in accordance with the fire code. You are allowed to display your heaters, but you shall not operate them. 603.4 Portable unvented heaters. Portable unvented fuel fired heating equipmentshall be prohibited in occupancies in Groups A, E, I, R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4. Group A occupancies are assembliessuch as Wells Fargo Arena, Vet's Auditorium, etc. Additionally, the fire code commentary states "portable space heating appliances are moved around at will by the occupants and might be placed too close to combustibles or where they are susceptible to being hit, tipped over, etc. Because of the potential misuse, such appliances are considered an unacceptable risk in the listed, higher life hazard occupancies".
  • Ignition keys for vehicles on display shall be kept by a responsible person at the display location for removal of such vehicles from the building in the event of an emergency.
  • Carpeting or Visqueen must be placed underneath the vehicle for any possible leakage.
Smoking Regulations
No smoking is permitted within the IEC. Anyone caughtsmoking in the IEC by the Fire Marshall 

will be tagged and removed from the facility for the day.

Tape of any type is prohibited in all areas of the building. Tape should not be placed on tables, 
chairs, walls, etc. The vendor will be billed for any damages resulting from the removal of taped 

items (i.e., repainting walls and doors, due to peeling paint, etc.)



Click Here to view Fire Rules & Regulations


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Electric | Utilities | Internet 

To purchase any of these services please visit the Iowa Events Center website or contact Exhibitor Services at 515.564.8018.  An advanced purchase discount is offered.

Order Online


Discount Deadline October 7th, 2023.

Electrical Do's & Don'ts- Click Here


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Food Sampling

The City of Des Moines & the Iowa Events Center requires that all vendors sampling food during the show have a temporary food service permit.

Temporary License Application

Event Sample Authorization Form

Temporary Food Operation Guide

Deadline Coming Soon.


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Insurance Needs

Our shows have all been set up so vendors can apply using this link: Vendor Insurance Application

A few things to be aware of:

  • Vendors will have to pick the show from a drop-down list that includes shows other than just those run by MPE. 
  • Marketplace Events is not selling this insurance and doesn’t profit from it in any way.  This is simply a resource for those vendors who don’t already have the required insurance coverage per their contracts.  They do not have to purchase this.

The Insurance clause is #5 on the Terms and Conditions page of all booth space contracts.  For easy reference, vendors are required to have:

  • Comprehensive General Liability and All Risk Property insurance
  • Coverage must be from the start of move in to the end of move out
  • Coverage of at least $1,000,000 for each separate occurrence
  • Name Marketplace Events LLC and the venue as additional insured
  • Provide a copy of certificate of insurance to MPE

Contact Kendra Reilly Monahan, Buttine Underwriters Purchasing Group, LLC
212.867.3642 |


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Iowa Sales Tax Information

Des Moines, IA sales tax is 7.00%. Sales tax must be collected & reported to the State of Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Revenue has changed their guidelines.  They now require Marketplace Events to obtain documentation from each retailer (vendor) appearing at the event, as follows:

1) Proof that the vendor possesses a valid Iowa Sales Permit, OR

2) A written statement from the vendor indicating that the product or service being sold is not subject to Iowa sales tax

Please e-mail your Iowa Sales Tax Permit Number or Written Statement to the Show Coordiantor, Kelsey Jackson at

Questions?  Contact Taxpayer Services, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:15pm.

Telephone: 515-281-3114 | Email:


Beginning July 1, 2016, the State of Iowa will no longer provide temporary sales tax permits. Vendors will be required to obtain their own permanent tax permit by going to You must obtain your permanent permit prior to the event. You can charge and collect tax as soon as you submit an application, even if you have not yet been issued a permit number. If you are required to have a state sales tax permit and you make taxable retail sales in Des Moines, you will also have to have a Des Moines permit. If you have questions pertaining to State of Iowa sales tax permits, please contact taxpayer services at 515.281.3114 or

For more information regarding sales taxes prior to the event please visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website.


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Hotel Information

We have negotiated discounted rates at the following hotels:

Des Moines Marriott Downtown
700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
Click here reserve your room for $143/night.
Discount Deadline is 4pm CST, Tuesday, October 22nd, 2024


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Holiday Vendor List Thumbnails


Your basic listing will be uploaded to the website when you book your booth. Within 24 hours you will receive an automated email to enhance your listing. This link can be used multiple times and you can make updates and changes to your listing until ONE day after the show commences. If you have any questions regarding the online vendor listing or do not receive the link, please email

Need help with your listing?
View the tutorial video - and the FAQs.
To see some samples, visit the  Interactive Vendor List section of the website.



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Social Media Tips

Click to read up on our Social Media Tips and find out lots of great ways to use Social Media to promote your presence at the Des Moines Holiday Boutique!

Coming Soon.


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Share your show pics or your holiday décor and celebrations with us.

Facebook icon   Instagram icon

Hashtags: ##DSMHolidayBoutique #HolidayBoutique

In efforts to protect potential joint customers from fraudulent events and scammers, we request that you do not create your own Facebook Event. This helps us manage ticket sales for the event, and ensures that our team are available to support both exhibitors and potential attendees with any questions, comments, or concerns that they have. Please feel free to reach out to your show manager or show marketing manager with your companies’ Facebook page and we can add you as a co-host to the official event.

Click Here to go to our Facebook Event for 2024.

Click Here for the Social Media Marketing Kit


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Bring potential customers to the show by providing this ticket discount on your website.

Just follow the below steps:

1. Click "access web button" to save a copy of the button (once open, right click & save the image).
2. Have your web developer upload the web button to your website.

3. Once the button is uploaded have your web developer link the button to:


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Share your show pics or your holiday décor and celebrations with us.

Facebook icon   Instagram icon

Hashtags: ##HBOMAHolidayBoutique #HolidayBoutique

In efforts to protect potential joint customers from fraudulent events and scammers, we request that you do not create your own Facebook Event. This helps us manage ticket sales for the event, and ensures that our team are available to support both exhibitors and potential attendees with any questions, comments, or concerns that they have. Please feel free to reach out to your show manager or show marketing manager with your companies’ Facebook page and we can add you as a co-host to the official event.

Click Here to go to our Facebook Event for 2024.

Click Here for the Social Media Marketing Kit


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Each Vendor will receive 40 complimentary e-tickets. These will be emailed 30 days prior to the show. Tickets will only be emailed if your booth space has been paid in full. Additional admission passes can be purchased at the discounted price of $7.00 each ($14 at the box office). Please contact Operations Manager, Kelsey Jackson, at to order these discounted tickets.

If complimentary tickets or badges are given to visitors, the Vendor responsible will not be allowed to exhibit in future events and may be asked to leave the current show immediately. Use your tickets to invite potential customers to the show, or for friends and family.

Complimentary and discounted tickets are NOT to be distributed in the LOBBIES, FOYERS or PARKING LOTS of the Iowa Events Center. If complimentary or discounted tickets are given to visitorsin these areas, the vendor will not be allowed to exhibit in future events and may be asked to leave the current show immediately.


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Contact us today!

Marc H Gary, Show Manager     816.601.2707

Sherri Huffman, Exhibit Sales Consultant    816.601.2704

Stephanie Davisson, Exhibit Sales Consultant   704-969-6817

Kelsey Jackson, Operations Manager   816.601.2701


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