Des Moines Holiday Boutique - Vendor Q&A : Shay Design Studio

Oct 23, 2023, 18:40 PM

At the Des Moines Holiday Boutique with over 200+ vendors it can be hard to get to know each of them individually. We know you’re busy shopping! We’re got in touch with one of vendors and interviewed them.


an art studio company logo

1.What is your name and what is your business?

My name is Shayla Williams and the name of my business is Shay Design Studio.

2. What do you sell?

I specialize in offering a wide array of creative products, ranging from coloring books, paint kits, journals, stationery, stickers buttons, and buttons to digital prints for those seeking artistic inspiration and expression.

3. How did you get started doing this and how long have you been in business?

I have always been creative, so it only made sense for me to start a business centered around my love for art. I have been in business since 2019. 

4. What items will people find at your booth at the Des Moines Holiday Boutique?

People can expect to find, coloring books, holiday stickers and stationery, and more! All the materials are designed exclusively by me. 

5. Do you have any specials running for this event?

Yes, I do! I will be having a sale on coloring books 2 for $15.


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6. Is this your first time at the event? If not, how many years have you participated?

Yes, this is my first time at the Des Moines Holiday Boutique and I am excited to be a part it!

7. Why did you want to be part of this event and what are you most looking forward to?

I wanted to be a part of this event because I have heard so many good things from people who have attended in the past. I am looking forward to seeing all the vendors as well as all the patrons who plan on attending.

8. What is your favorite part of doing an event like the Des Moines Holiday Boutique?

Since this will be my first year, I am hoping my favorite part is being a part of this event and meeting new vendors, making connections, and meeting new and potential buyers.

9. Besides your own booth, are there any other exhibitors you’re interested in checking out during the event?

I always look forward to seeing other businesses that are similar to mine. I am also looking forward to seeing Erika Baty. She is an awesome author, and her book “Chocolates” is so cute and a great read for kids and adults.


a book cover with a colouring book image and white writing paper


10.  If people want to learn more about your business, where can they do it?

  • I can be found on my website
  • Facebook: Shay Design Studio
  • Instagram: Shaysdesignstudio
  • Pinterest: Shay Design Studio
  • Youtube: Shay Design Studio
  • TikTok: Shaydesignstudio1