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The Original Bucket Stool

The Original Bucket Stool
P.O. Box 186
Cole Camp MO
Booth: 205


Company Description:

The Original Bucket Stool was designed and patented by a 78 year young man in Missouri. He made them for years for family and friends who used them for fishing, hunting, gardening, crafting, and for use around the home and shop. At the age of 78 he applied for and received a US Patent, and he and his son began the process of building The Original Bucket Stool into a business so everyone can make use of this unique and handy product. Proudly made in the USA.

New Products

Ever sit on a bucket? Introducing the Original Bucket Stool™ - made in the USA!. This handy, sturdy little stool turns your average 3.5 and 5 gallon bucket into a COMFORTABLE place to sit AND you still have access to the bucket.

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