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Posey & Jett's

Posey & Jett's
550 36th Avenue SW, Suite D
Altoona IA
Booth: 118


Company Description:

Gift giving made easy! From toys for the kids to gift sets for adults, we can assist you in meeting your gift giving needs this holiday season and beyond!!

Please check us out at as we have gifts for people of all ages.

Show Specials:

Please visit our website between now and December 31st to get 10% off your initial order with us online. To get the online special, please enter a special discount code at the checkout depending on city closest to you.

Product Images:

The product at the inception of Posey & Jett's. While we specialize in carrying much of the available Warmies products, our company has grown so much since then!<br /><br />Check us out at
Three of our grandsons along with their respective Warmies. Jonah with the Husky, Jacoby with the Sea Turtle and of course, Jett with his Sloth.<br /><br />Our youngest grandson Jetty, in the middle, is who started our craze for the Warmies. We purchased


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