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Husk Her Happy LLC

Husk Her Happy LLC
6401 Q Street #1005252
Lincoln NE
Booth: 504

Company Description:

We are a dedicated family-owned small business that takes pride in making each and every bath and beauty product, special for you. The ingredients in our handcrafted products are carefully picked to make sure they are safe for your skin and provide skin loving benefits. Our shower steamers are made with essential oils to help get your day going or enhance your night time sleep. We make small batches and test them regularly to ensure of their quality and performance. We would love to share our water zen with you!

Show Specials:

Handcrafted Bath Bomb Bundles: 3 for $29.99 6 for $56.99 12 for $107.99 Handcrafted Shower Steamer Bundles: 3 for $14.99 6 for $27.99 12 for $53.99

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